The Secret to a Happier Life

Words: Dan O’Neill

I hate people who complain. Well, not quite, but I hate people who keep complaining about the same thing over and over, or those who complain about things that are really minor. If you’re on twitter/Facebook, you follow at least one person who does this almost all of the time.

Step 1 - Unfollow that person on twitter. Unfriend on Facebook or if you can’t do that - mute them. Seriously, right now. If all you can remember someone for on social media is their complaining and moaning then it isn’t worth it, if for no other reason than for your own mental health.

Step 2 - To make sure you’re not the person complaining all the time, follow this simple rule. Never complain about something you can change. Think about that for a second.

Now, this has two things going for it. One, You’ll complain less and have less time for those who do. That in itself will make a massive difference to your happiness. Two, by thinking about what you complain about, you’ll start to notice the things that you can change. Customer service of your gas supplier not being very helpful? Change your customer service agent. That doesn’t help? Then change your gas supplier. Don’t whine. Do something.

Those two little steps will make your life a little happier. I guarantee it.*

*That is, of course, a lie…

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