The Grand Canyon

Dan O’Neill 2013-01-20 2 min read

Recently I wrote about my experiences in East Africa and about how the landscape burned itself into my memory. Since that trip I’ve been to a few other memorable places and one of those is definitely when I visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona, America, in 2008.

I was on holiday at the time in Las Vegas with my partner and we had a spare day on the trip. After looking at a couple of options we decided to check out the Grand Canyon. We booked a trip that included flights to the small airport there and from there to another airfield where we had a helicopter trip over the canyon planned. We flew from Boulder City airport on a route that gave us an excellent view of the Hoover Dam and the canyon itself.


We then got a short but excellent bus tour of some of the park. From there we were brought to a smaller airport for the helicopter trip over the canyon. This was my first ever flight in a Helicopter and I picked a great first experience. The pilot flew low over the tree line and then there was a definite “Ride of the Valkyries” moment when the pilot pulled up and the canyon spread out below us. Amazing way to see it.


After that we went to the viewing area at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. Some great views from there.


The Grand Canyon is definitely worth a visit if you can, whether you’re nearby in Vegas or taking in a couple of amazing sites across America.