Rebecca Mock's Beautiful Illustrations

Dan O’Neill 2014-04-21 1 min read

Rebecca Mock is an illustrator and comic artist from Brooklyn in the US. I came across her subtly animated illustrations on tumblr and immediately loved them. Very similar to cinemagraphs that are popular at the minute but somehow with more life and character.

The Quiet Ones by Rebecca Mock{: .external }

A Party by Rebecca Mock{: .external }

Animated Version of the Summer Reading Walrus cover{: .external }

Rebecca’s other illustration work is just as full of character and life and more importantly available to purchase as beautiful prints.

Misato Katsuragi Dreams of the Second Impact{: .external }

Nothing To Do In This Heat But Sleep{: .external }

The Old Maple Tree Whispered To Her That Everything Would Be Okay{: .external }

There’s a really good interview with Rebecca over on Youth Designer that is worth a read too.