Did IKEA just make the best advert for beds ever?

Dan O'Neill 2014-06-10 1 min read

Did IKEA just make the best advert for beds ever?

I watch quite a lot of youtube videos and came across this ad as a pre-roll on one of them - And it held on to me - I could not click that “skip ad” button. And at the end of the day, isn’t that the greatest judge of an advert? You have the ability to skip it but don’t?

So I searched it out and watched it a few more times - I love it. It was made by Mother who are based in London. That’s Prunella Scales reading William Shakespeare’s The Tempest too, in case you were wondering. Absolutely brilliant.

Update: Weirdly, this ad has disappeared from both Mother’s webpage and IKEA UK’s youtube profile. It is however on a number of other channels so I’ve updated the embed.

Update 2: It seems like it was withdrawn after the Ukraine plane crash. It has since been reuploaded to youtube by ikea so I’ve updated the embed again.

Update 3: Gone again, at least the from the official channel. I’ve embedded it again from another youtube channel.