Loving this Firewatch-Themed Desktop & Text Editor combination

Dan O’Neill 2016-02-18 1 min read

I’m a massive fan of changing my desktop background on a whim, so I’m always very impressed by people who take the time to really think out their backgrounds, colour schemes, and everything else.

So while on Twitter recently I came across a post linking me to Kevin Clark’s excellent custom ATOM setup and desktop wallpaper combination that I’m really liking. Taking inspiration from a game a lot of people are talking about right now, its a very impressive setup that I of course copied immediately.

Firewatch-Themed Desktop & Text Editor combo

Though how long it will remain this harmonious remains to be seen. You can check out the different themes and UI sets that Kevin is using over here - http://kevinclark.ca/articles/firewatch-themed-desktop-and-text-editor. Just as an aside - absolutely loving the design on that site too.