Seriously hot right now - M83

Dan O’Neill 2013-04-28 2 min read

Everywhere you go these days its hard not to hear something soundtracked by an M83 tune. The French masters of the school of electronic music are particular hot right now and can be heard on everything from ads for perfume to red bull ads and Hollywood movies. And not without reason.

The last M83 album - Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming - is packed to the brim with hit after hit like Midnight City, Reunion, or Steve McQueen. Even after the releasable tracks above the album is dotted with some moments of genius - from Splendor to the now ubiquitous Outro.

Those of you who ventured out to the cinema for the recent Tom Cruise SciFi release Oblivion were treated to a soundtrack from M83 too. I probably discovered M83 a bit late around 3 or so years ago with the song below from the album Saturdays = Youth. I loved the video for this tune, it just works so well.

But after that they kind of dropped off my radar until the release of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming - and I don’t mind admitting - more specifically this ad:

Outro is the tune in that ad. An amazing tune. So I went on a little M83 crazy for a while. And it looks like advertisers and DJs around the world are doing the same thing. Midnight City, currently a DJ favorite in any of the nightclubs I frequent, is an excellent tune. And Renunion, the follow-up to Midnight City is just as good (Even if the video does feature some pretty dodgy Nokia product placement).

After all of that - I’m seriously looking forward to what these guys can produce in the future.