Bungie's new game - Destiny

Dan O’Neill 2013-05-14 2 min read

Bungie, perhaps best known as studio behind the initial Halo series is developing a new game - Destiny. Bits of info, concept art, videos, and screen captures are slowly making their way out into the world and it looks immense. Excitement levels… through. the. roof.

Concept Art

The concept art in particular is blowing me away. I’ve always been a massive post-apocalyptic fan in any medium - games, movies, or books. So the art coming out from the team there in Bungie is really ticking all my boxes.

The traveler sits low over the City.

The wilderness beyond the walls of the City


The story appears to be set between Earth, the Moon, and Mars - I’ve seen concept art for each of these locations. Humanity has been through a huge war after a period of great growth after the traveller - the huge mysterious sphere - arrived. Now, after centuries humanity is leaving the safety of the City and other outposts to try to retake what they’ve lost. 

The remnants of humanity seem to be separated, but mostly held together to defeat a common enemy - The Fallen and the Cabal. Details are of course thin on these enemies but there’s some great art for the Fallen - http://www.bungie.net/en-us/Destiny#page=enemies&panel=enemies-The-Fallen.


There’s a couple of videos on show on the website. One is particularly good - Destiny PlayStation 4 Official Announcement. I’ve added it here. Two things really stand out - There is some gorgeous gameplay shots in there, and the Bungie office floor looks awesome.

Then you have the character development video from GDC this year. It shows some of the work to get from concept art to final in-game product.

I’m really excited about this game. Unfortunately they don’t have a release date set, but that could be a blessing in disguise - no target to have to rush for.